It all started with the vehicle pictured above.  The Mostro Di-Potenza SF22 was a concept designed by Anthony Crudup and Daniel Chinchilla for 215 Racing Inc.  We were going to make 2000 horsepower hypercar that a big man like myself 6'6" 300 lbs customer could enjoy.  Although the car never came to fruition, yet.  It attracted the attention of Jorge Antonio Fernandez Garcia and about 2 years after many conversations.  I became his partner and stated Lamborghini Latinoamerica USA to help build the company brand and products from the US side.  We get asked the question of "How did you become part of the Lamborghini brand?" a lot.  So this is a brief summary of how Lamborghini Latinoamerica USA came to exist.

         Our rights were acquired from Automobili Lamborghini SpA Italy in 1994, through international contracts, express authorizations and powers issued in favor of our company, for a term of 99 years. We are able to independently  carry out our research and development work,  generate designs, models and prototypes with our own technology. We also manufacture, assemble, distribute, import and  export our merchandise worldwide, for the export of our designs & technology and the sale of these products through our plants.

*The Team*




    It was 1994 when Mr. Garcia signed an unprecedented deal with Lamborghini SPA.  This  deal would give him the ability to license, manufacture, distribute and retail all Lamborghini products controlling the entire Latin American region of the world. This would be not only just automobiles but conceptually anything that could be branded with the company persona.    

     Shortly after this time Lamborghini Latinoamerica S.A. was founded.   Founded with the  partnership of Anthony Crudup of 215 Racing Inc., Jorge and Anthony  have forged aggressively with establishing Lamborghini Latinoamerica USA brand.   The brand has been successfully presenting itself very well with the initial front running cigar brands.      

  Jorge still dreams of offering a full electric Lamborghini to the world with hopes of it originating from his home country of Argentina.  However in the meantime, he enjoys influencing the brand with Latin flare he brings from his country.   

Anthony L Crudup Jr.


     Anthony founded Lamborghini Latinoamerica USA after partnering with Jorge Garcia in 2013. The two met via their avid interest in cars naturally, and in particular with building a supercar.  While both are still avid car enthusiasts, they came together with an idea to create lifestyle products and merchandise indicative of the Latin nostalgia of Jorge’s home in Argentina.   They have since collaborated to initiate this rollout with the Lamborghini cigar.      

   The vision as outlined by Anthony is to bring the Lamborghini Lifestyle to life through  luxury products.  “You may not be able to afford a Lamborghini automobile, but you can still be apart of the lifestyle.”  This movement into high end retail, cigars and spirits is designed to leverage Lamborghini Latinoamerica merchandising as a formidable competitor with the likes of other high end brands such as Ferrari and Harley Davidson.

Leslie Crudup

Business Adviser 

      Leslie Crudup brings us what every company needs, a Business Liaisons.  She is the company’s “go to” for branding, marketing and overall administration.  She is a Penn State alumni with an MBA in Business Administration.  Her executive  career actually started in college with being one of the founding members of the Kappa Rho Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority.  From there her first post graduation job would be working with multi-million dollar accounts for a major commericial mortgage corporation.          

     Her next professional step was to become the Assistant Vice President (AVP) at Equity One Inc.  From there she became a Client Relations Manager for one of the largest mortgage servicers/subservicing divisions. But it was in 2012 when she founded The Business Liaisons, LLC that she has come to work so closely with Lamborghini Latinoamerica. The company welcomes her expertise in the areas of marketing, branding and overall administration of the company.

yunior lopez

Cigar,  Subject Matter Expert (SME)


   Recognized as one of the most versatile musicians of his generation, Cuban-born violist Yunior Lopez enjoys a unique career as a chamber player, conductor, and entrepreneur. A recipient of many awards and prizes, Mr. Lopez appears regularly throughout North America collaborating with esteemed artists as both conductor and violist. He’s currently the Artistic & Music Director of the Las Vegas Young Artists Orchestra, and the CEO of the Lord of the Cigars Corporation.  

robert braner

Company Adviser


      Mr Braner is the Ex-CEO of Lamborghini and Lotus.  He was the CEO of the company when our license agreement was signed.  His accomplishments are more than I can state in this one paragraph.  But it is an honor to have him on our team as our adviser.


Southern California & Las Vegas Representative

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